New research shows that four out of every five shoppers in the UK have eaten a meal that wasn’t prepared at home in the last month. This activity is having a clear impact on the grocery sector with 1 in 10 shoppers believing that their spending on household food has reduced as a direct result of their food-to-go spending habits.

The research, to be published shortly by shopper behaviour insight specialists Shoppercentric in its 50th Shopper Stock Take Report, confirms that Millennials and GenZ shoppers are at the heart of the trend and are doing so more often than they were two years ago.

44% of the 25-34 age group said they had had food delivered to their home or office in the last month by the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats, or Dominos compared with 33% of the 35-44 age group and just 25% of the 45-54 age group. The trend is growing with almost a fifth of respondents (19%) saying they were having food delivered “way more” than two years ago and a quarter (25%) “a little more” than two years ago.

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