If personalisation is king, generic emails
are commoners. “Hi Smit, would you like to get your body bikini ready?”.  Within this one line greeting, this company
has lost me by making two fatal errors. Surely you have my first name on your
data base? Particularly if I am an existing Client? Nothing is more frustrating
than having your name incorrectly spelt, or being addressed using your surname.
In addition, wouldn’t this be a far stronger proposition, if you were offering
me something I actually need? Interrogating the data that you have about me,
allows you to individualise the communication that you send to me. 

should be exactly this, personal. Using the correct information to
appropriately target customers, is a far better driver to conversion, however,
60% of marketers admit that they struggle to personalise content. With 94% of
companies admitting that personalisation is critical to current and future
success, it is evident that more education is required on this topic. By asking
your customers the right questions, building customer personas, setting up
automated behavioural trigger emails, pairing personalised emails to landing
pages, you can begin to push your success rate even further. 

Ref: Kissmetrics blog