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Brand new and now available in South Africa is their Worx Jawhorse a Portable Clamping, Work Support Station, the Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse and the Sidekick Portable Work Table

“What makes Worx tools and equipment so different and unique is their technology used at Worx, their tools and equipment are different from the rest. They use state of the art technology when creating their products, said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales the official agents for Worx in South Africa. “Other companies just make their products but at Worx, they go the extra mile to create theirs. This shows how much dedication is put into every product that goes into the market.”

“Through creation of tools, Worx makes sure that the market receives what they have never received before. The production of unique technically advanced tools is what drives sales for their tools. The tools from this brand are made to perform more efficiently, easier and faster so that work is made more professional, quicker and lighter,” said Hunt.

Innovation is the key word at Worx, different ideas and plans are used for their products and this is something that drives delivery of quality services. As a customer, you want a product that makes you work easily and quickly so that you can finish one job then get onto the next, this is the brand that will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. A major thing about Worx products that distinguishes them from the rest is that they are Eco-friendly. 
This is clearly seen in the 3 newly introduced innovative portable work tables …….

Worx Jawhorse a Portable Clamping Work Support Station

For DIYers and Professionals, the Worx Jaw horse Workbench offers hands free clamping with over 1 ton of clamping force. The jaws securely clamps items as thin as paper to as wide as a door of 880 mm. It’s an all steel construction that provides durability, whilst the tripod base offers stability for all types of terrain. Key features of the Jawhorse is the folding frame for compact storage, its easy to transport. 

It’s a multi-purpose, heavy duty workstation with powerful clamping up to 1000 kg and flexible clamping capacity holding 1 mm to 880 mm. 
Hands free locking, no assistance needed with its unique foot operation clamping, it’s a solid heavy duty steel construction holds up to 199 kg with a working height of 940 cm and easy to transport with its folding frame for compact storage

Worx – Pegasus Folding Worktable & Sawhorse

Like the Jawhorse it’s perfect for all DIYers and Professionals as its lightweight yet extremely sturdy, the Pegasus Worktable is meant for anyone, from first time DIYer to serious professionals looking for portability around the jobsite. It’s 79 cm x 64 cm of workspace is large enough to handle all wood sizes, yet it folds up to a 13 cm. Designed smart with user feedback in mind, there are added support grooves for wood, a folding, build-in shelf for tools, measuring guides and bracket support for power strips and other attachable necessities. It supports loads up to 136 kgs or a durable sawhorse supporting up to 454 kgs. 
This compact folding work bench table design allows for easy transport and the Pegasus multi-function mobile worktable folds down for space-saving storage. The Pegasus package includes integrated clamping system, four clamp dogs, two quick bar clamps to hold a variety of materials and stabilize unique shapes, allowing you to feel confident in securing a variety of materials. 

Worx – Sidekick Portable Worktable

This new unit works hard, sets up in seconds and moves easily, it will quickly become your new must-have accessory. Whether it’s securely supporting up to 136 gm’s, in your workshop, onsite or serving as a convenient tabletop outdoors in the garden or campsite, the Worx sidekick’s easy portability and instant set-up will serve you well. It also features a holding tray for convenient storage of tools. One can also connect multiple Sidekicks to expand your working surface.
Remove the detachable metal legs and the Sidekick tabletop surface makes an ideal game room play area. It’s sturdy enough for anything that the kids can throw its way. The Sidekick can handle the outdoor elements with ease so it’s perfect to serve as a garden table holding your plants and flowers, the metal legs are designed to not sink into the soft ground or slip on hard surfaces.

Very versatile and true to the Worx philosophy of innovative design, the Sidekick can be used with other WORX products with identical working heights, such as the Sawhorse and the Pegasus, to add versatility to your workspace. 

“Looking at the WORX’s product range, is mind boggling, there is a lot of exciting, very clever and unique products that will excite all our customers, this range of innovative WORX products are stunning and we are very excited about this new brand, so Watch this Space,” said Hunt.

For more information on the Worx Pegasus, Jawhorse and Side Kick units go to www.vermontsales.co.za or call Vermont Sales.