Create a stationery desktop into a free-standing desk, with height adjustable stand to suit, the perfect set up for your Computer/laptop, Keyboard mouse and mouse pad plus a larger screen. (3 optional sizes are available) A perfect instant set up for your home, office, events, promotions, media centres, lecture rooms, training centres and shows.

The Tork Craft Adjustable stand desks requires no additional set up for an instant working station, to accommodate computers, screens, mouse/mouse pad and working space with the sliding second tier shelf for the keyboard. All units offer an adjustable height options, are easy to set up and can be quickly folded up and packed away.

Effortless elevation adjustment
These standing desk units can adjust to the perfect height with minimal effort. When you are ready to stand, simply raise your entire adjustable height desk to your desired height. A silky-smooth process with infinite stops creating tremendous height range adjustability, fast and easy to move from sitting to standing height. Grabbing the main work surface on the left and right edges and squeezing the brake release paddles on both sides making it all happen. 

Improved work efficiency
The standing desk is perfect for people who may need or want to, sit or stand as it takes 1 second to adjust. Transitioning between sitting and standing, provides numerous health benefits for the body such as increased blood flow and reduced aches and pains as it has all the options of the comfortable height adjustment.

Large extending keyboard and work area
The extending keyboard area of the adjustable height desk offers lots of space, and there is enough room for a mouse and mouse pad. The standing desk is designed to provide plenty of room for a monitor, laptop, and much more without taking up too much space. 

Easy quick setup
The quick easy set up gets you up and running immediately and it is ready to use, increasing your productivity without wasting time. They are ultra-stable, with sturdy stands, and gas strut arms for excellent strength, the overall finish is a black powder coating which is chip free and easy to keep clean.

Three units are available the TCWS003, desk size 810mm x 520mm and a height of 150 to 450 mm, the TCWS004 desk size is 900mm x 580 mm with height option from 150 to 510mm, the larger TCWS005 desktop is 1067mm x 580mm with height options from 150mm to 510mm

Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories in the Vermont Sales company and all products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide. For more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site  – Trade enquiries welcome
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