That’s right, The B-WELL Mayonnaise range is hot and happening, as more people hear about it, more are drawn to try it. Try any of the B-WELL Mayo’s once and you’ll understand, you’ll want to tell more about it too! It’s that good! Each mayo takes you on a unique flavour experience, with different tangs and textures, most people will definitely be ‘finding their flava’!! 

Here are the scrumptious flavours available:

Original Tangy– True to its name, tangy? Yes! Tantalising? Definitely!
With a slightly sweet and lively taste, perfect for adding a little twist to your food. 

Thick & Creamy– think voluptuous, subtle and creamy. This Mayo adds some bougie to your meals by adding some extra volume and a dollop of fullness, some true Gourmet food bliss. 

Reduced Oil Mayo– with 47% Less fat, you won’t believe how creamy this mayo still is, super smooth on the pallet and zesty to perk up your meals.

Olive & Canola– a divine marriage of flavour and richness with this mayo. Experience the depth of the Extra Virgin Olive taste with the subtlety of the Canola. Decadent and delicious in all the right ways.

As one can see B-WELL Mayonnaise range differs in flavour and texture, but all share a strong common trait- they are packed with healthful goodness, are completely plant-based and are one of the few food brands endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa. This is because each Mayo is packed with Omega-3, is low in saturated fat, low in sodium and naturally cholesterol free. Oh yeah… nothing beats a healthy heart. This is exceptionally beneficial for those who are living with or at risk of cardiac disease and complications. 

That’s right, The B-WELL Range is completely inclusive, that means no one is left out, B-WELL Mayo is even gluten-free.

Have we mentioned that B-WELL is completely plant-based? Ah, we did… well it’s true! B-WELL Mayonnaise is created without any eggs and without dairy- and it is made in a factory that practises waste-free food practises as all leftover canola seed material is created into animal feed. The B-WELL factory is found in the heart of Swellendam, you can follow the yellow brick road, I mean fields, you can follow the yellow and golden fields of flowers that spread along the highway to the local and absolutely lekker source of NON-GMO canola oil that is used to create the B-WELL Mayonnaise oil. Made with love, made local by local.

Speaking about Local and Lekker, here are some of the comments sent in by you good folk and B-WELL Lovers. We love and appreciate you too!
Selvie -“Love the reduced oil mayonnaise. Vegan Friendly. 47percent reduced fat. Approved by heart and stroke foundation. Love it in my shredded chicken, green salads lettuce, carrots and cucumber, tuna, steamed baby potatoes and sweet potatoes, and veggies.”
Linda- “I also love the original tangy one and as I am allergic to eggs this product opens a wonderful world of salads and cold dressings for me that would otherwise be very dull meals indeed. My whole family is now also fans of B-well products”
Priscilla– “This turns the normal dish into the best dish ever. My whole family loves it and can’t eat any food without the dash of it. Love it all <3 “
Nonelwa– “Was never a fan of mayonnaise until I was introduced to B-well Mayo, now everything I eat has to have a bit of mayo (sandwiches, pasta dishes etc). #BWELLTASTEOFF”
Natasha– “This is the BEST Mayo. I love the thick and creamy texture with so much flavour, gluten free, egg free, dairy free & vegan friendly. Its super yummy on any and everything😋 BWellTasteOff”
Celeste– “Mmmmorishly nommm-nommm-nommm creammmy mmmayo – never using any other old boring mayo everrr again!” 
Yamnkela- “ Velvety creamy texture without the eggy lingering taste. It’s really an eating pleasure when enjoying a meal with your Mayo. My family loves it especially my mother who is diabetic, your range caters for the whole family.”