A wide selection of garden hoses and connectors, including the Wedgit range, were put to the test by a team of heavy-handed workers under real life conditions. The products were exposed to conditions that would generally be viewed as abnormally abusive, but which is not uncommon to the typical South African conditions, and garden environments. Hoses were not put away after use but were left outside in the sun, exposed to considerable temperature fluctuations; they were driven over, parked on and underwent abusive pulling and tugging. Pressure tests were performed using electrical pumps to achieve pressures much higher than normal municipal water pressure. 

Even the fittings underwent drive-over tests to determine whether any would survive such harsh treatment. Testing continued over a twelve-month period on Wedgit and competing fittings and hoses, with Wedgit connectors fitted on both Wedgit hoses and competing hoses. 

Leaving hoses exposed to the harsh Southern African climatic conditions would accelerate their degradation. Chemical substances that are designed to keep hoses supple tend to leach out in the sun, causing the hose to become brittle, which result in leaks when the hose is subjected to kinking. The combination of harsh treatment (driving over, tugging, kinking) and continued exposure to the weather, caused many of the competing hoses to suffer from increased brittleness, not able to handle the demands put on them, with continued kinking eventually resulting in leaks developing. All the Wedgit hoses remained supple and leak-free and continued to offer more resistance to kinking than any other hose and are still in place today 8 months later.  

Wedgit offers a premium garden hose designed to last ten years. Significant levels of costly plasticisers are mixed into the raw material at manufacture to ensure sufficient levels remain to ensure suppleness even after many years of usage. It remains wise to keep your hose out of direct sun when not in use – this will increase the life of any hose. The unique nine ridges of the Wedgit hose contributes to improved resistance to kinking and ensures a long-lasting joyful use.  

The hose connectors were also subject to harsh treatment in the tests. A number of the traditional connectors had to be replaced over the term, and a couple of O-rings needed replacement, while Wedgit connectors offered superior performance in all the tests. When the connectors were subjected to drive-over tests, none survived intact. However, some of the Wedgit connectors suffered only minor damage and could be repaired to enable them to continue operation. The robust design with less moving parts improves its ability to withstand the knocks of life.

The strength of the Wedgit connectors can be ascribed to the engineering-grade materials that are employed (which is 30% tougher in certain toughness measures than materials used by competing products).  This UV-treated material offers superior mechanical strength and rigidity. The quick connection and no leaking is another big plus for Wedgit.

The patented Wedgit system offers unique coupling technology, both between connector and accessories (quick connect) and between the connector and the hose. The latter employs a hose-nut coupling that offers an unequalled strong bond to the hose.

Wedgit offers a complete hose solution with 12 mm (1/2”) garden hoses (offered in 20 m, 50 m and 100 m lengths) boasting burst pressure ratings of 35 bar, and 19 mm (3/4”) hoses offering burst pressure of 28 bar.   The latter is available in 25 m, 50 m, and 100 m lengths. The complete connector range includes Quick Connect fittings for both hose diameters, tap connectors for all four tap sizes found in Southern Africa, as well as hose-to-hose, hose repair, three-way t-piece and accessory adaptors.  

The range, which includes value for money starter set combos, is rounded off with a durable adjustable nozzle and the newly launched Wedgit Soft Spray, a quality zinc-alloy adjustable soft spray suitable for roses and finer seedlings that require a gentle watering solution.
Wedgit’s inventors, Henk van der Meijden and Alexis Wadman, are experienced product innovators and designers having registered numerous patents between them. The Wedgit concept was born when, frustrated by the shortcomings of the traditional systems, they set out to develop something better, simpler and easier to use. Today the fruits of their innovation and perseverance – a robust, non-leaking, kink-resistant garden hose solution – can be enjoyed by all gardeners in Southern Africa.  

“This new brand is long overdue in the market as there has been no new innovation in this area for many years. The great feature about this product is that you don’t need to replace all your garden hose fittings, as the Wedgit team have cleverly designed the converter caps that enable existing sprayers and nozzles to work with the new Wedgit system. So, one can still use their current hose and accessories” said Dale Englebrecht, Director at Vermont Sales. “Our team has put this product through the mill and tested it, with great report backs. Wedgit will certainly solve a lot of irritations with homeowners who have experienced frustration with their current hoses and connectors”.