Stock and sell a product that will save this country and industry millions

Stocking and selling the Rugged Croc brand can be a great second revenue stream for the correct retailer, dealer and contractor who deals in this industry. Rugged Crocs are a unique acetyl cable theft prevention system that comes in three different sizes (25mm; 50mm; 95mm) to accommodate most existing cables.  

Rugged Crocs are designed to anchor cables in the ground, the combined mechanical resistance of the cable and the Croc system makes it virtually impossible for the cable to be pulled from the ground. The secret lies in the combined resistance of each individual Croc over the length of the cable. Taking soil type into consideration, the average resistance one Croc will deliver is estimated at 1 ton per Croc. When 10 meter of cable is fitted with 10 Cable Crocs (1 Croc per meter) the combined resistance needed to pull the cable from the ground is 10 tons. If this figure is extrapolated over the length of a 100m cable it results in 100 tonnes of resistance!

The installation of Rugged Crocs is extremely fast, very simple to install and requires no specialized skills. The correct size unit (25mm; 50mm; 95mm) is simply strapped to the cable by using four industrial strength cable ties at one meter intervals. The fitted cable is then placed in the prepared trench, covered with soil, and compacted. Why Rugged Crocs, cable theft is no new topic in South Africa and is steadily on the increase. The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) views cable theft as very serious and describe it as economic sabotage and treason against business. SACCI reported that the annual cable theft figure is estimated at around R12.9 million per month, bringing the total cable loss to an approximate 5 to 7 billion Rand per annum.

Business Against Crime (BAC) states that the indirect cost to the South African economy is conservatively estimated at ten times higher than the expenditure required for the replacement value of the cables lost, therefore law enforcement agencies have been granted extension of power to assist in the fight against cable theft. President Zuma has also signed the Criminal matters amendment act into law to ensure severe sentences for cable thieves to combat this serious crime. The result of these new measures…cable thieves are now even more organized, and cable theft is still on the increase.

There is a direct correlation between cable theft and the unemployment figures. South Africa is currently experiencing the highest recorded unemployment rate! The Rugged Croc system could well be the answer to prevent cable theft. Cable theft also influences all sectors of the market whether it be directly power suppliers; railways, agricultural industries etc. or indirectly financial institutions, manufacturing, retailers etc.

Rugged Crocs were uniquely designed and patented to cost effectively protect and secure cables to curb cable theft for industry and the private sectors.

Rugged Crocs are manufactured locally and distributed nation-wide by Vermont Sales.

Rugged Crocs is proudly South African, designed in Africa for Africa.

For more information, on becoming a Rugged Croc retailer or dealer contact Frikkie Els at Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site