Vermont Sales lands its 2nd big international brand for 2020, the leading WORX’s brand is now exclusive to the company.

WORX’s has a range of exciting product catagories. Launched this month will be the WORX Pegasus folding work table and saw horse and the popular smaller portable Side Kick universal table. More Worx products are in the pipe line.

“These two new exciting WORX products the Pegasus and Side Kick work tables will be available this month and will be followed by a exciting range of  new innovative tools that will all be launched by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020, “ said Vermont Sales Marketing and Sales Director Ryan Hunt. “This range of innovative WORX products are stunning and we are very excited about this new brand, so Watch this Space,” said Hunt.
Looking at the WORX’s product range, is mind boggling, there is a lot of exciting, very clever and unique patented products that will excite all customers. 

This month it all starts with the durable and versitile Pegasus folding work table and saw horse. Then the smaller universal  Side Kick a more portable table which will work well in the workshop and outdoors
The Pegasus is a really versatile durable folding worktable that may be used as a sawhorse and portable workbench, it has integrated clamping system that holds materials firmly in place, it’s a very portable collapsible workbench design and lightweight for easy transportation & storage. The set includes 2 bar clamps and 4 clamp dogs and comes with an outstanding 6 year warranty.

The new Side Kick work and universal table can work in any environment the workshop, in the home and even outdoors its lightweight yet sturdy, the collapsible tabletop design offers maximum versatility and portability, folding in half for easy transport and out-of-the-way storage. The metal leg stand won’t slip on hard surfaces or sink in soft ground, it sets up in seconds and securely supports up to 136kgs, perfect for any project or event, indoors or out.

For more information on the WORX Pegasus and Side Kick units go to or call Vermont Sales.

WORX is a new brand in the Vermont Sales operation and is soon available to all customers, for more information contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 and visit their web site