Vermont Sales team and all their leading brands have introduced a selection of videos on YouTube where you can pick up on the latest international tools, unique clever innovative tools, DIY tips, learn how to do new things in your home and workshop, view and keep up to date with the latest new technically advanced tools and accessories plus have some fun and learn with the Vermont Sales team.

“We have introduced a number of  interesting film clips on a host of DIY tips, home repairs, making more space in your workshop with shelving and how much easier a mobile worktable will help you with your special projects in a limit space along with maximizing all your tools capabilities and their full uses,” says Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. 

The latest film clips include, temporary increasing your workspace, adding shelving to your workshop, repairs around your home, new tools and equipment. Wood and leather treatment, all you need to know about wall plugs and lots more.” Is this going to be a regular program, very much so says Hunt so WATCH THIS SPACE.”

Customers and end users have found this very handy during the lock down period, learning more about new tools, DIY tips, how to do the job and what tools are required. Its a quick and easy process go to YouTube and enter Vermont Sales. Also remember to subscribe. 

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