After recently successfully launching the first of the new WORX products the Pegasus, Jawhorse and Side Kick worktables and stating that this will be followed by an exciting range of new innovative power tools that will be launched in the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020. 

Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales said the company is very excited about this new brand, so watch this space. True to his word, Hunt announced today that the second shipment is on it way with their latest range of power tools for the home, garden, workshops, and general industry. “Looking at the new WORX’s product range, it is mind boggling, there is a lot of very exciting, very clever, good looking and unique products coming that will certainly excite all our customers,” said Ryan Hunt. 

At WORX, it starts at the top. WORX employees easily find themselves motivated to innovate. It is a message their President and CEO Tom Duncan has stood behind his entire career. Tom has brought over a decade’s worth of international business experience and leadership to help create a tight-knit team that is efficient, collaborative, and known for innovation and excellence. “Our company is winning not only because of our knowledge but because of our passion. It is easy to work hard when you love what you are doing. And I absolutely love what I am doing,” said CEO Tom Duncan. Other companies build things, at WORX, we create. After all, it is all about the idea. To do what has never been done. Or taking what has always been done and reimagining it being done better. Faster, Easier and More efficiently.” said Duncan.

WORX takes pride in the recognition they have received, like the World Wildlife Fund’s Platinum award for Low Carbon Manufacturing and the LEEDS-NC Platinum distinction for their green building. It is proof that they are not only talking the talk but walking the walk.

The new generation of WORX cordless, power tools, Hydro Shot power washers, Hyper Turbo blowers, accessories, and an exciting range of corded powered tools arrives end November.

New WORX Range for November
1. 2 x Cordless 20 V Hydro Shot 22 BAR 120/h power washers
2. A unique 20 V Cordless Hyper Turbo blower
3. A selection of Batteries with various outputs and charger options plus accessories for all their tools
4. 20 V Cordless Impact Drill and Jigsaw Twin pack promo kit
5. 20 V Cordless impact Drill and Angle Grinder Twin pack promo kit
6. 20 V Cordless Angle Grinders 
7. A huge comprehensive range of 20 new models technically advanced 20 V cordless drills units, kits and sets with accessories, Rotary Hammer, Impact, and the new unique 20 V dual head Switch driver.
8. A complete Corded range of Impact Drills and Angle Grinders  

An exciting range of gardening equipment will be introduced in the new year.

“We have a great introductory launch offer on all the new units while stocks last, so its advisable to order now,” said Vermont Sales Director Ryan Hunt.  For more information on the new WORX products, visit: