Long-serving Hospital Association of SA board member, Dr Biren Valodia, Mediclinic chief marketing officer, has been re-elected HASA chairman with Neil Nair, National Hospital Network (NHN) CEO, deputy-chairman. 

Also elected at last week’s annual general meeting were three new board members, namely Gale Shabangu, chief transformation officer at Mediclinic Southern Africa, Dr Nceba Ndzwayiba, group director: human resources and transformation for Netcare, and André Joseph, general manager: funder relations at Life Healthcare (SA).

Standing down were Clara Findlay (Mediclinic Southern Africa) and Matthew Prior (Life Healthcare), following Lynelle Bagwandeen (Netcare) who stood down from the board earlier in the year.

Commenting on these developments, Valodia noted: “As we begin, cautiously, to look beyond COVID-19, always careful to acknowledge that the pandemic is not over yet, we increasingly find ourselves confronted by a changed world that will demand a combination of existing and new skills. It is no different at HASA.

“New members of the board,” he said, “will bring fresh perspectives and diverse insights to complement the experience of re-elected Board members like Melanie Da Costa (director of strategy and health policy at Netcare), Amil Devchand, (Lenmed Group CEO), Otto Wypkema (NHN chairman and Arwyp Medical Centre CEO), and Dr Paul Soko (executive head of clinical services and quality at Life Healthcare).”  

SOURCE: Information supplied by Boost Communications on behalf of HASA