Vaal Mall Shopping Centre has shared message of gratitude to the ‘Vaal community’ following the recent unrest in KZN and Johannesburg.

“We are inspired by the powerful message of hope sent by all those who stood together to watch over their communities during the recent unrest,” says its spokesperson. 

“Vaal Mall values community above all, and we are grateful for each member of the community who supported us and the proactive community response to protect the mall and quickly restore operations.

“Our security team exemplified courage, and we value the support they received from law enforcement and emergency services, especially SAPS. We appreciate each person who put on a uniform and stood proud to protect and serve,” it adds.

“At a time of uncertainty, our tenants worked together resolutely and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the mall to put the safety of staff and customers first. We appreciate your spirit of togetherness, thank you. We are especially moved by the generosity of Debonairs and Spur, whose food donations helped to nourish all those who remained at the mall on high alert.

“The outpouring of support from our taxi associations has made us intensely aware of the vital role that Vaal Mall plays in their daily lives and those of their customers. Thank you for your resounding message of support,” says the shopping centre.

“To the local business forums that work together to foster the sustainability of jobs and commerce in our community, thank you for encouraging the growth of the entrepreneurs and businesses that support the households and families in our community and for raising others up.

It concludes: “Finally, each member of our incredible management and marketing team has embodied courage, kindness and tenacity, and gone above and beyond at a difficult time. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to you.

“Through acts of resilience, caring, and good citizenship, the Vaal community has made us intensely aware of how deeply they value Vaal Mall, and we are eternally grateful for their support.

“We stand firm in our commitment to you, our community,”

Thank you,
Vaal Mall