The third annual Uber Eats Cravings Report is a snapshot of the most popular, the most unusual, and some of the most unique delivery order requests we see each year.  

With November being World Vegan Month, Uber Eats also highlights all the delicious options available to vegans, flexitarians or those who just love plant-based meals. 

Some of the trends this year include:
Buns rule the world: Burgers remain king with over 2 000 000 orders, followed by pizzas and chicken as the most popular orders. With a growing demand from South Africans to have their favourite local cuisines available, Uber Eats has been actively increasing the availability, now offering 132 different cuisines. 

Manners Matter: South Africa was placed at number three last year, globally, on the app’s statistics when it comes to using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ on any special order requests. With Nelspruit and Gqeberha taking the win for the most polite cities in SA, followed closely by Cape Town. 

Eaters have even left special notes for restaurants sharing their love for their food, and great service!

Grocery delivery is on the rise. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of grocery delivery by several years – Uber Eats expanded its offering to include grocery in March last year, which has grown by 1860% since its inception.  

Of the approximately 600 active grocery, convenience and liquor stores on Uber Eats in South Africa,  Saturdays were the most popular days to order delivery, with the afternoon time frame the most popular time to schedule orders. 

Health Nuts and Green Machines: Eaters in Kimberley and Johannesburg ordered the most healthy food.

Carbs matter. Bread is the #1 selling grocery items in South Africa. 

It’s always 5:00 PM on Uber Eats. As the online food ordering company expanded into alcohol delivery this year, folks across the world raised a glass. Without a doubt, South Africans love their beer and wine as these were the most popular orders.

On repeat. The saying is true: when you know, you know. One eater in South Africa has ordered 53 times in one month, with another Eater spending over R16 000 on one around this year. 

To the moon and back: over the last five-years, delivery people have driven over 189,018,697 km to deliver food of all kinds – this is almost the exact distance to make 491.7 trips to the moon and back!

Local is Lekker: With a growing demand from South Africans to have their favourite local cuisines available, Uber Eats has been actively increasing the availability, now offering 132 different cuisines. Mogodu, Kota’s, meat with pap & Chakalaka are just some examples of popular options, as the app onboards more traditional restaurants. 

Picky Eaters: Eaters in South Africa can be picky – with garnish being the most requested item to be left off followed by garlic and avocado being a “big no”. 

You’re so extra: While thousands of orders come without trimmings and garnishes, South Africans do love extras and making special requests, from adding extra spice to ensuring their chips are very, very crispy. 

Mayo seems to be a big hit for South Africans, with over 82 000 requests for this condiment. It is also clear that Eaters love a good celebration,  with over 2406 delivery instructions with “birthday”. 

Hold the meat: Vegan dishes proved to be more popular than ever this year, with a 45% rise in vegan restaurants joining the app and orders increasing by 42% since the same time in 2020. 

Vegan desserts account for a large percentage of the favourite dishes, with Vegan Muggachino, Vegan Carrot Cake and Vegan Chocolate cake being the favourite options. 

“We are thrilled to bring back our Uber Eats Cravings Report for the third year in a row,” said Nakampe Molewa, Uber Eats General Manager for Sub Saharan Africa. 

“We know that there is nothing more fulfilling than satisfying a craving, no matter how specific and unique it may be. 

“Whether you’re ordering watermelon with yellow mustard, or sunflowers and screwdrivers straight to your door, our customers have relied on Uber Eats to get just about everything this past year.”