marketers we invest a large amount of time and money into social media. We are
all very aware that, while launching Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Twitter accounts
is essential, planning and implementation is an ongoing investment. This
requires fresh and engaging content on a regular basis. We know that we cannot
connect with our followers unless the content is relevant and inspiring. We are
fully aware that in the space of social media, we are fighting for attention.
So why should email be any different?

According to Hubspot, 77% of
consumers say that email is how they prefer to receive marketing communication
from brands. Therefore, it’s not really a question of whether or not you should
be using email marketing, but rather how are you going to make it effective?
And, as with social media, it’s not just a case of overloading inboxes or
signing up to any old email software, it’s about investing your time and money
to truly make this platform relevant and engaging. A strong strategy, curating
and segmenting your mailing list and ensuring that you have a well designed,
consistent and appealing template, will go a long way to increase open rates.

Before you get started, ensure that
you have a solid strategy. Define your audience and your objectives; who are
you talking to and what is the desired action/outcome of the email? When you
send your email is important, and different audiences may behave differently.
While common sense can be applied here (sending out emails last thing on Friday
afternoon, could be detrimental to the success of the campaign), some deep
diving will go a long way to improve your outcome. Not all your customers may
necessarily be in the same time zone. Why not use their data to send emails at
a time that is more suitable? Either way, A/B testing will prove to be

Tracking your campaign is absolutely
essential. If you can’t track where you began and where the campaign has taken
you, how will you know how you have performed? For every email sent, you need
to be able to analyse and evaluate performance. Your analytics show how well
your email marketing is engaging its customers, and means that you can continue
to improve each campaign.


Re: Kissmetrics blog