with a 12-volt Long life lithium battery, fast charger and built-in auto dust
collector, triangular sanding pad plus a 3pc set of paper grits.

are numerous sander brands on the market of which all have a product range to offer,
but coming out tops is the reliable very popular powerful cordless sander, the
Tork Craft TCMS001 who effortlessly takes ownership of the top spot in this
category. Having all the requirements of a perfect cordless sander.

Its triangular pad design allows you to easily
get into 90 deg. corners, tight spaces and tricky edges & curves, its
small, lightweight and compact with a powerful 12-volt lithium battery pack.
The compact size, weight and ergonomic designed top allows you to operate it
single handily which make this to be recommended for smaller scale and detailed
projects. Added to this, like all Tork Craft power tools, this cordless unit
has some stand out features, such as a built-in auto dust collection box, and handy
battery level indicator. The units powerful motor vs battery power consumption
combination allows for the 1.3AH Li-Ion battery to provide you enough of
running time for most smaller and detailed projects, the fast charger will also
get you going again in 30 minutes. Optionally available is a 1.5AH Li-Ion
battery should you which to increase your running time or to compensate for
bigger projects. To simplify replacing and changing between sanding paper grits
the Tork Craft sander has been fitted with a hook & loop sanding pad for
easy peel and stick. Tork Craft sanding pads and the full range of grit
finishers are freely available in all leading outlets countrywide.

To view the Tork Craft comprehensive range
of pads and sanding grits, go to their web site  or go direct to  

The TCMS001 unit comes boxed with a Li-ion
battery, fast charger, built-in auto dust collector plus 3 sanding paper grits
80, 120, and 180