The New Tork Craft 4 in 1 Multi-functional Workbench has just been launched, the new unit comes with a great set of wheels for very easy steering and mobility with the rear set being lockable. It’s perfect for a hand trolley and a superb floor trolley for moving heavy units around, transporting your machines to the site then converting to a fully operating work bench on site. The large top has all that one needs for clamping your work piece to the table top plus the added of the storage compartments for one bits, tools and screws etc

The floor trolley is a great unit for getting under your car to do any checking and maintenance. This unit has a multiple number of uses for the home owner, DIYer, workshop and all types of light industry work.

“In the floor trolley mode, the TCWS002 does an awesome job in the workshops and factories,” said Ryan Hunt Sales Director Vermont Sales and Tork Craft SA. “Many customers buy a number of these unit and keep their machines fixed permanently to the floor trolley base for ease of mobility and having to move equipment around the shop, taking it to the job or moving it to the site, the same applies to home owners and the DIYers for use in the workshop and home.”   
The unit can be changed from a hand trolley to a floor trolley in seconds or a legged scaffold unit with adjustable legs for height, that lock safely into a fixed position, this gives one the 4th mode which is the workbench with the optional height adjustment and mobile stand unit for scaffolding work both indoors and outdoors. The perfect multiple use unit for all industry, mobile service and maintenance operators, home owners, DIYers, workshops etc. 

The TCWS002, 4 in 1 unit folds up flat for easy storing and transporting.

Technical specifications 
Work platform 11 x 47 cm
Work height 56 and extends to 80cm
Load capacity 
Work bench 150 kgs when legs are fully extended to 80 mm
Scaffold 300 kgs when legs are extended to 56 mm
Hand Trolley 100kgs
Floor Trolley 150 kg’s
Net Weight 18 kg’s

Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories in the Vermont Sales company, all products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide. 

Vermont Sales 
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