Tork Craft offers a great range of affordable, yet high quality, electric combination polishers and sanders with various power outputs and backing pad sizes. The entry level model, the POL05, comes with a powerful 1200W brushed electric motor, a large 180mm backing pad and polishing bonnet. This is followed by the smaller, but equally capable, random orbital POL04, which has an 800W motor and 150mm backing pad. The most powerful in the range is the POL06, which is powered by a huge 1500W motor, coupled with a 180mm backing pad. Last, but not least, is the most popular POL02 model with a 180mm backing pad, a wool bonnet and a 1200W motor.

The Tork Craft Polisher/Sander range offers the industry a comprehensive range of power output options and backing pad sizes. All the units offer a no-load speed specification with the RPM changing, depending on the model, plus, units such as the POL02, 05 and 06 have a variable speed selector and variable speed feature. All the units are corded, electric, power tools intended to be used in finishing processes. Accessories such as sanding pads, polishing buffs, compound sponges and polishing compounds produce excellent finishes, yielding a dramatic difference on all surfaces, and are all available from Tork Craft. 
They are used to achieve different results and surface finishes on a variety of materials such as wood, fibreglass, and painted metals, however the possibilities do not end there. 

The objective of using these units is to remove imperfections including swirls, scratches, water spots, etchings, oxidation, and other contamination on a surface that may lead the finish to look dull. The features and functionality of the models are similar. They are professionally manufactured to cater for the demands of the automotive paint care and detailing industries, with sanding being an additional feature. They are ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue over long periods of use. They offer various positions to hold the tool as well as bolt-on handles which make it safer and more comfortable to hold the polisher/sander at various angles. 

Tork Craft have a full comprehensive range of polishing and sanding accessories. To view them go to or to view additional products and accessories go to 

Tork Craft polisher/sander range
1. POL02 1200W, No Load Speed: 1100-3000 RPM, comes with a 180mm Wool Bonnet and backing pad, 
2. POL04 800W Random Orbital Polisher, No Load Speed: 2000-6400 RPM, 150mm pad and auxiliary handle.
3. POL05 1200W, No Load Speed:  1000-3000RPM, 180 mm Backing Pad, Wool bonnet and D-Handle
4. POL06 1500W, No Load Speed: 1000-3000 RPM, 180 mm Backing Pad, Wool Bonnet & D-Handle 

Tork Craft is a leading brand of tools and accessories provided by Vermont Sales. All their products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide. 

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