The Tork Craft TCMT005 is an ideal tool for marking all your belongings, tools, kids’ equipment, toys, etc. 

This Electric Engraver will permanently mark all types of surfaces and material, protecting and identifying all your valuables. Ideal for precision engraving on metal, glass, wood, plastics, ceramic, stone, and leather. 

“This tool was recently re-ordered by our buyers based on numerous requests from the trade and our retailers, likewise, they had similar requests from their own customers. These being DIYers, hobbyists, gift shop owners, jewellers, artists and sculptors. All needing this multi feature tool with many capabilities for both professional and general users,” said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. 

“We managed to source and import the perfect tool at a great price and to date it’s been a huge success across all the various customers and users,” said Hunt.  

The tool has a special stroke adjustment dial that allows one to do fine lines or deep grooves. It’s a lightweight tool and has an ergonomic soft coated housing that provides the perfect comfort in one’s hand, offering great handling and total control to do any job and working on any material` surfaces both hard and soft.

This 13W tool will run at up to 7200 rpm and is vibration free. 

The kit includes the tool, a long cord, a Tungsten Carbide Tip (spare optional tips and complete kits are also available) Also included, is a letter and number stencil, a shape symbol stencil, and an excellent operator’s manual.

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