Forget about ever looking for the correct bit again when you purchase this Tork Craft KT2573, 101-piece bit drive set, which allows you to unscrew and open anything and everything – even tackling those screws that manufacturers do not want you to open or unscrew. 

Tork Craft KT2573, 101-piece bit drive set is the most universal set ever to appear on the market and a must buy for all tool men as it will solve all your bit selection problems forever. 

DIYer’s, workshops, homeowners, service centres, all industries or any operation using tools should not be without this set. Certainly not all the guys repairing electrical goods, as it includes all the specialist bits that were never available before to the general DIYer/consumer and workshop.

There is nothing that this set will not manage. Specialist bits for all the German cars and motorcycles are catered for as well.

“This Tork Craft KT2573 bit set has to be one of the most products in the range and a tool bit set of the decade.” said Ryan Hunt, Director, Vermont Sales. 

“There is really nothing that this set has not got, I have one in my home, workshop and also my mobile workshop for the motorcycles, add a good cordless driver and there is not much more you need to do any sort of job,” said Hunt.

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