3-piece saw packs, with an option of a handy nylon carry bag, a full range of large hand saws from 550 mm to 300 mm with both wooden or ABS handles, a back saw with mitre box set, plus a useful 150 mm job saw with the ergonomic ABS handle  

“We are excited about the new selection of Tork Craft hand saws that are now available to customers. “This new range forms part of our Tork Craft hand tool launch,” said Dale Englebrecht Director Vermont Sales. “We also have the new Bonus units in a bubble pack and very handy nylon carry bag, both sets incorporate a large hand saw, a back saw plus the job saw, also available is the back-saw and mitre box set,” said Englebrecht.     

There are optional sizes available in traditional wood or ABS handles, fitted with specially heat-treated cutting blades for efficient cutting and long life.  Ideal for rip sawing, cross cut applications, suitable for both hard and soft woods.

Every DIYer, woodworker and home owner should have a Mitre box saw set if not, now’s the time to go out and get one. Two new 3 piece saw sets pretty much answer all one’s sawing needs in the home and workshop, a decent large hand saw, back saw and small job saw. 

The Tork Craft favourite is the new handy job saw with the comfortable ABS handle, and durable heat treated 150 mm cutting blade. Ideal for most small wood sawing applications for a quick cut, it’s the perfect tool if you are working with wood and need to cut something that will save you hauling out your power saw. Great for the service industry the electrician, plumber and all maintenance guys, certainly a must for the outdoor guys, gardeners, painters, the roofers, electric fencing operators, irrigation installers and garden maintenance teams as there are always vines, creepers and branches that need to be cut away and trimmed back.

Completing the saw range is 4 new large hand saws from 550 mm to the 300 mm.