Tork Craft has added a new Multi Angled Magnetic Welding Holder TCMG6004 to its current range of Full Force units. T

The new units offer multiple angles and the current offer is an option of pull force from 11 to 34 kgs. Models TCMG6001, 6002 and 6003.

These unit are suitable for the professionals, DIYers and even beginners, making it impossible to have any errors in your angles. All the magnets are strong and powerful used in welding, soldering all types of assembly, marking off, pipe installations and demagnetizing.

Welding angles without these tools will always be a problem as the material pieces tend to move, twist, and go out of alignment when heated, even when they are clamped this could happen. 

These new Tork Craft units keep the join/angle perfectly secure without movement.