TorkCraft introduces something for the kids this festive season with new Create and Learn DIY Kids Toys and Sidewalk Chalk Bucket Kit.

These DIY toy sets are certainly a far more practical and exciting gifts for kids, as most fathers know kids love tools, working with wood and love to build their own creations. These wooden building kits let the kids explore the world of engineering by piecing together wooden toys that work and they get to work with real tools. As kids assemble their toys, they will develop an understanding of science, technology, engineering, arts, and DIY.

The kits include all the wood pieces and hardware to complete the project, plus the stickers for decorating. Some additional tools not included are tape measures, hammers, paint, and brushers. Designed and created to stimulate creativity, develop basic assembly skills, get artistic with colours, and create memories with your kids while they learn.
The TorkCraft DIY toys include Wooden Picture frames, Toy Trains, Birdhouses for the creative kids and the Sidewalk Chalk Bucket kit lets kids explore the world of creativity.

Each DIY kit includes a full list of what is included in the kit, instructions, all the wood material, nails and the sticker sets, plus a list of what tools are required such as a hammer, safety glasses and tape measure. 

The Tork Craft kids Create & Learn Sidewalk Chalk Art comes in a neat bucket and allows kids young and old to explore the world of creativity as it features sidewalk chalk for the budding urban artist. ‘

From hopscotch to graffiti, transforming city surfaces into art and fun. 

The product is NON-TOXIC, and the set comes with: 
44 x Pieces of Chalk
4 x Chalk Holders
1 x Chalk Brush
6 x Stencils
1 x Bucket Container

Recommended for kids over the age of 5 years.