Tork Craft has introduced a handy new wire, brass, and nylon brush set for removing and
cleaning, rust, dirt, flaking paint. The brushes can be used for general preparation of all types of
surfaces. All units have a 4 cm brush head with a handy contoured grip for
comfort which are also solvent proof polypropylene.

The Nylon unit allows
for no surface scratching and no rust due to the nylon bristles, while the Brass unit
with its stiff bristles offers a longer brush life and no rusting. The stainless steel brush offers the same features with stiff no-rust bristles, and no
surface scratching.

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Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories at Vermont
Sales and all products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide.
For more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on
011 314 7711 or visit their web site, or go direct

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