Tailor made and technically designed for professional machinists, these new hammers have heavy duty, heat treated heads with a bevelled square striking face. They have a tapered peen for splitting applications. The handles lengths vary from 320mm for the 300g model, 340mm for the 500g model and 370mm for the 1.0kg model.

The handles are ergonomically designed, with a comfortable, rubber, over moulded grip. The handles are reinforced with, durable, heavy duty Fibreglass, which enhances shockproof properties.

The 3 new model options are:
TC615300 Hammer Machinist 300 g Fibreglass 320 mm Handle 
TC615500 Hammer Machinist 500g Fibreglass 340 mm Handle 
TC615100 Hammer Machinist 1.0 kg Fibreglass 370 mm Handle