Toblerone has released a honey and almond nougat ice cream modelled off the traditional triangle-shaped bar, and it’s now on sale at Woolworths. 

Versions of the ice cream have proved popular in the UK and Philippines since its release in 2018 but this is the first time Australians have been able to taste-test the delicious treat.

Facebook page Addicted to Bargains announced the news on Wednesday by sharing a photo of the four-pack box of desserts.

Love Toblerone? Now there’s an ice cream. It’s currently $5 at Woolworths,’ she said, pointing out that it’s usually $8.50.
It’s available both online and in-store and doesn’t appear to be a limited release item. 
The exciting addition to the freezer section sent Aussies into a spin, with everyone hurriedly tagging their friends in the post to hint at their next supermarket purchase.
‘Undoubtedly this will change my life for the better,’ one person said.
‘I’ve been waiting for these to land Down Under! So glad they’re finally here,’ said another. 
Coles does not yet appear to stock the product however it might soon after the viral news spreads even further. 
The ice cream promises to have a ‘chocolate honey flavour with nougat and Toblerone pieces coated in milk chocolate’.
It’s shaped as a triangle to pay homage to the original appearance of Toblerone.
One Australian who has already managed to try the ice cream said it tastes just like the chocolate and was well worth the money.
‘They are literally heaven, definitely hurry into your closest store,’ he said.