Tiger Brands said on Thursday that the high court in Johannesburg has upheld its bid to compel third parties to provide critical epidemiological information related to the listeriosis class-action lawsuit.

Tiger Brands issued subpoenas in May 2019 requesting information from various third parties, though some refused.

According to News24, some laboratories had refused to provide information they believed was confidential, relating to the identities of those who submitted samples for testing.

The court handed down judgment in Tiger Brands’ favour on June 23 2020, compelling the third parties to provide the information within a month.

“The effect of the ruling is to provide access to information relevant to the proceedings and enable the parties on both sides of the class action to move matters forward,” Tiger Brands said.

The third parties may apply for leave to appeal against the order.

The listeriosis outbreak in 2018 — which caused 209 deaths, including 91 babies, and infected more than 1,000 people — was traced to Tiger Brands’ Enterprise facility in Polokwane, Limpopo.