Give us a product we all love to consume and a challenger brand brave enough to bite into a new direction and you’ve got a match made in sandwich heaven.

Blue Ribbon approached the Just Design Jhb team to upgrade and modernise their brand and packaging in order to slice through the noise in this highly competitive market. The brand’s strategic positioning around ‘the taste that brings us together’ was a key consideration, as was the longer-term objective of disrupting the category with the first of many innovative new products.

Inspired by the insight that a fresh, fluffy sarmie can be at the heart of a beautiful shared moment between family and friends, Just Design’s new-look packaging brings the playful flick of the ribbon in Blue Ribbon’s logo prominently to the fore, with the yellow and white sub-layers of the ribbon cheekily mimicking the filling that keeps two pieces of bread together.

A bold, coloured swoosh gives the Blue Ribbon bread prominence on shelf and just the right balance of transparency on the sleeve strengthens navigation across the range and clearly differentiates between the variants and what they offer.
The designs are simple and sophisticated but daringly different from all of the competitors. The brand’s fresh new look and prominent signature ‘Mmm yum taste’ payoff lines are already turning heads, and the same can be said of Blue Ribbon Squares’ new-look packaging.
Squares now sport bold, bright packaging which is quite obviously part of the Blue Ribbon brand architecture but is also distinctly different and new. These innovative morsels, designed for dipping, filling or scooping to one’s heart’s content, are just the start of Blue Ribbon breaking ground as a leader in the baked goods category, with the confident and exciting new visual language hinting at the innovation that lies ahead.
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