A handy easy to carry 3 sharpening surfaces multiple sharpener, keep it in your kitchen, toolbox and workshop, the only tool that also sharpens serrated knife blades and multi tools (Recommended BEST BUY by WHICH UK’s leading product testing organisation)

This tool will sharpen almost anything, but it is designed for the very special items that cannot be sharpened by the normal sharpeners that are available today, such as serrated edged blades, multi tools, utility knives, tile cutters, scribers and your favourite serrated Leatherman blade can now get a new sharp blade.  It puts a razor sharp edge on a wide range of difficult to sharpen tools. Three sharpening surfaces – flat, ½ round and groove put a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of tools.

On the DIY front it covers Multi Tools, carbine tipped tools, wood turning cutters , wood chisels, utility knives, pen knives, tile cutters, bradawls, scribers, masonry drill bits, wall paper scrapers, and centre punches, in the garden all your secateurs and loppers, the kitchen, all scissors, knives and repairing glass chipped items, sports it will give your darts a really sharp point and the same for your fishhooks.    
The Diamond sharpening surface has thousands of industrial grade diamond particles bonded to a steel alloy. The sharpening surface is very long lasting, retains its flatness and sharpens the hardest materials incl. carbide, ceramic & stainless steel. The Anodised aluminium case protects the diamond rod when not in use, a knurled nut locks it in any length. Diamond rod length, 6.7 cm total product length retracted 13.8 cm.

Diamonds are widely used in industry as the top sharpening material. It is very long lasting, retains its flatness and sharpen the hardest materials, e.g. carbide, ceramic and stainless steel to the finish edge.

A strong anodised case with a pocket clip protects the sharpening rod, a simple twist-action releases and locks it and it ready for the job. 

One can also view all the on-line video’s and instructions on all the Multi Sharp products by going to  www.vermontsales.co.za and clicking on Multi Sharp.