Cordless cutting – Bluetooth® battery pack and allows for dust-free cutting of mineral-based materials on the construction site.

A new addition to the Festool 18 V family a robust, precise and cordless freehand cutting system is being launched.  At the same time, the DSC AGC 18 FH battery-powered with perfect ergonomics. “With the new freehand cutting system, we are offering a battery-driven powerhouse for renovation and decorating work, which is setting new standards when it comes to both robustness and its outstanding ergonomics. With the DSC-AGC 18 FH, mineral-based materials can be cut directly on the construction site in a way that is both flexible and dust-free. The lockable spindle ensures that the discs can be changed in no time when carrying out work,” said Philipp Stahl, Application Engineer at Festool.

Dust-free work – clean cutting 
Thanks to the integrated dust extraction attachment, over 95 per cent of the dust that is produced is transported directly to the mobile dust extractor, which means that mineral-based materials can be cut indoors. Using the Bluetooth® battery pack that is included in the package. 

The connected CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor is automatically switched on or off. The speed can be infinitely adjusted using an easy-to-reach switch, meaning that this newcomer can work perfectly with any material. The DSC-AGC 18 FH is also compatible with the battery packs and chargers from the Festool 18 Volt System. And thanks to its ergonomic details, the DSC-AGC 18 FH scores highly right across the board: The on/off switch is therefore perfectly positioned for cutting work the entire tool has been perfectly counterbalanced. The dust extraction attachment has been designed in such a way that the user has a clear view of the cutting area. This allows for precise freehand cuts and, as a result, exact working results. Practical for cuts up to the edges, the dust extraction attachment can be easily opened to the front. 

Brushless, powerful and durable 
The core of the new DSC-AGC 18 FH is the brushless, and therefore maintenance-free, EC-TEC motor. It sits in a completely closed motor housing, which prevents dust from getting into the engine block. The intelligent control electronics are also enclosed in a sealed housing to prevent the ingress of dust. The dust resistance and long service life, combined with the extensive Festool service range, mean that the DSC-AGC 18 FH is a good safe investment. The motor boasts a smooth start-up function and features an additional electronic overload protection. The restart protection, digital temperature monitoring and motor brake make the machine even safer and more durable. The speed of the DSC-AGC 18 FH can be continuously adjusted from 4500 to 8500 revolutions per minute. To keep the vibrations to a minimum for the user, the motor and housing have been uncoupled from each other. Smart details that help the DSC-AGC 18 FH to achieve extremely high levels of robustness and durability. 

The new Festool freehand cutting system will be available from specialist retailers from November. 

Technical data DSC-AGC 18 FH 
Battery voltage 18 volt 
Idling speed 4500–8500 (rpm) 
Disc dia. 125 mm 
Cutting depth 27 mm 
Spindle thread M14 
Li-ion battery capacity 5.2 Ah 
Weight with Li-ion battery 2.7 kg 

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