An example of Cash Connect’s
contribution to safer business, is the N3K. This compact under-counter vault is
the ideal cash protection solution for fuel stations, fast food outlets, retail
stores, building suppliers and wholesalers.

Richard Phillips, joint CEO of Cash
Connect, explains that the rising cost of commercial property is changing the
retail game. “Retailers have to display the most products in the least retail
floor space to increase revenue. Consequently, less space is available for proper
cash management systems.”

The N3K might be compact, but
like all Cash Connect cash vaults it is built to SABS Category 4 standards. In
addition, it features a sliding drawer/door design for efficient use of
under-counter and adjacent wall space. It can process up to 64 banknotes per
minute and has the capacity to hold up to 3 000 banknotes. Weighing around
600kg, this robust vault can withstand the most aggressive of attacks.

Importantly, the N3K
is about more than safety. “Our cash management solutions are designed to take
businesses beyond safe by improving efficiencies and saving time and money,” says

Two examples of this are
improved cash flow – cash placed into the N3K, reflects in your bank account on
the same day that it is collected from the cash in transit service provider, and
you are able to pay suppliers straight from the cash vault. The latter
eliminates the need (and risk) to keep cash onsite for COD payments.

When you want more than safety, the N3K cash vault
is clearly the way to go.