This multi-functional Cordless Oscillating tool does it all, cuts, saws, sands, grinds, scrapes, and will cut through all materials with its huge selection of cutting blades that are available. All blades and cutters can be changed with the innovative lever Quick Change fitting.

This has got to be the most universal do it all tool available today, supported by a full set of the Tork Craft cutting blades, there will be nothing that this tool will not be capable of doing. The list of optional blades for different jobs is endless – carbide grit delta rasp and radial saws, a diamond boot saws, flush cut metal saw in various widths/sizes, universal saw blades to cut almost anything, a range of wood saw blades, radial wood and metal cutters, a selection of specialist scrapers, grout and mortar removers, segment saw blades, Velcro backing and felt pads, triangular and delta backing pads, and a full selection of Velcro grits to fit all the backing pads, a specialist fingertip backing pad, polishing unit and matching grits, plus a range of cutting kits and packs. This tool and all the blades would put most power tools out of a job, it’s the new multi tool Leatherman of power tools.

Visit their website to view all, the various blades, and tool heads and their uses,   

 “Armed with a good selection of blades this Tork Craft cordless oscillating multi tool could replace many of your tools as no other tool does what this tool can do, it sure to take the number one spot in your workshop and toolbox,” said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. It comes with a powerful 12 volt long life battery it’s easy to handle, light weight, so users can operate it effectively with one-hand. It has 6 speed settings and will rev from 5000 to 15 000 rpm, also one of the first mini cordless tools to come with a handy battery level indicator, it’s the perfect maintenance clean up tool, That’s on a par if not better than some of the best multi tools around, when it comes to features and technology, it has to be one of the most sought after tools around today, “said Hunt

There are several different oscillating multi tools available, some with the complicated time consuming blade removable system requiring a tool to change the various blades. The Tork Craft TCOT001 requires no tool for blade changes, as it has a quick change Arbor hand locking set up. The universal arbor fits most blade types and tool head accessories. Tork Craft have a full comprehensive range of blades and cutters for this stunning tool. 

The set comes standard with a long life Li-Ion battery, a fast charger and some sample blades and heads, an HSS steel cutter, a high tensile steel scraper, a sanding pad with 3 different sanding grits.