Bondhus USA have always been ahead of the game, taking their tools to a higher level with really clever new tools and unique upgrades, their very active R&D department is continuously designing, upgrading and inventing new clever products and specialist tools, one of their best kept industry secrets is their magic potion Screw Grab.

“Most DIYers, homeowners, engineers, mechanics and in fact all industries have experienced the problem of trying to remove tightly locked/rusted, or deformed screw heads or rounded hex’s, nuts or bolts,” said Vermont Sales Director Ryan Hunt. It may not happen often but when it does its very handy to have a bottle of the Bondhus Screw Grab. This should also be your first choice before looking at other more difficult, longer alternatives. It sounds like magic and that’s exactly what it is.” said Hunt 

Screw Grab works instantly, it’s easy to use, wipes clean and is guaranteed, it helps to remove all styles of stripped fasteners. A single dab of SCREW GRAB® creates a positive grip between metal surfaces, (tests have shown as high as 800% more torque) virtually eliminating tool wear or rounding of deformed fasteners heads. Or seized, rusted or hard-to-reach spots, it also stops the bit from turning in a chuck and prevents tool bit wear.

It is approved for use on the Boeing Airline Jets, Military Fighter Jets and the RAF, which has resulted in significant labour cost reductions in this industry in time and efficiency for service departments. It recently won an award of distinction for innovative new products from the “Retailers Choice Awards”, selected by the National Hardware Show and the Retailers Choice Committee in the USA.

About Bondhus!

Bondhus Corporation is located in Monticello, Minnesota – USA. Bondhus employees are proud of the Company and the tools they make. Bondhus manufactures the highest quality tools available, every tool is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it, and Bondhus has been the leading innovator in the tool industry for more than 50 years. If you are not happy with a Bondhus® tool – for any reason – simply return it. A replacement will be shipped right out at no cost – no hassles, no questions asked! Not all warranties are created equal, and the tool industry is no exception. Reading the fine print often makes telling statements about the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product.  Bondhus, believe in the quality of their tools and the warranty they carry is your proof.

Their tool range consists of a huge selection of L-Wrenches with options of sets, multi packs, ProGuard, BriteGuard, GoldGuard, Stubby, TORX, and Pivot. Wing tools, Fold ups, T-Handles, Screw and Nut drivers, Click Sets, Sockets, Blade Bits, Hex Enders, Hex Pro Pivot Head Wrenches plus all the accessories.