More than just your average home cleaning product; Jewel takes care of your home from top to bottom. Recently voted Product of the Year 2019 in the Home Care Category, Jewel products did nothing short of impress; and, now, with its new sophisticated look and the addition of new products to the range, Jewel is definitely ready to shine brighter than any other product on the home care shelves. 

Jewel gained popularity in the home cleaning category with its Jewel Floorglo product, a wax designed to keep your floors and verandas in pristine condition. With this popularity and the trust gained by the consumer over the years, the new additions to the product range have been warmly welcomed and have delivered on superior cleaning expected from Jewel. 

“A Jewel sprucing-up was long overdue,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for Jewel. “Jewel has been trusted and used by South African consumers for many years, and it was time that we grew this range to include more household cleaning products. The trusted cleaning that consumers have come to expect from Jewel Floorglo, will be experienced with the new product range.”

Jewel’s new modern, colourful look, and divine smelling fragrances (good enough to eat!), have captivated consumers and found their way into their trolleys. The original Jewel product, the Jewel Floorglo, is now in the company of:

Jewel Tile Cleaner, available in Lavender & Mint and in Water Lily & Cucumber, cleans and shines your tiled floors. It removes scuff marks and everyday dirt, while leaving no ugly residue. 
Jewel Laminate Floor Cleaner, available in Almond & Honeysuckle, removes everyday dirt and dust and is suitable for all laminate colours. 
Jewel Dishwashing Liquid, available in Lime & Basil and in Pomegranate & Berry, is fast acting and cuts through grease. It hygienically cleans and shines your dishes and includes a no mess, no fuss pump action bottle.

The Jewel range stands out on the shelves in the home cleaning isles with its stylish aesthetics and unique variants, giving the consumer a different, more sophisticated choice when it comes to choosing home care products. 

New products, a new look and new scents have given Jewel the opportunity to extend its footprint into new cleaning categories and into new consumers’ homes and taking a permanent position in the homes of consumers already familiar with Jewel. The experience gained through the years in the home care field has created a firm base from which the brand could begin its new development. 
“All product formulas were created and tested to make sure that the homes were left dirt and grime free, and our different-to-anything-on-the-market scents give the home an inviting and not over-powering ambience. Our look was designed with the home in mind, making sure that this was a product homeowners would be happy to display in their homes.” says Webb.

The Product of the Year is the largest annual consumer product research survey in Africa, and the winners are chosen after months of extensive research by research house Nielsen. Over 4 000 households were surveyed to determine their product usage.