HALO is hailed the most technologically advanced LED lighting system in the world (as stated by the American testing authorities).

Since the introduction of Halo into the market place, the patented lighting systems have revolutionized the underground mining world with their lighting designed and developed specifically to thrive in this most destructive environment on earth, and now for the first time, through special collaboration with Vermont Sales, this specialized lighting system is made available to the trade, retailers, homeowners, outdoor, the display industry and the general public. 

Halo’s incredible unique features such as intelligent temperature control, intelligent voltage surge management, specialized ultra-high power and super long-life customized LEDs, its 100% waterproof, and dustproof, flame-retardant and Explosion proof, rated for explosive environments plus many more ground-breaking features. 

This specialized lighting system boasts a light output of between 1600 lm to 1800 lm per meter within an expected lifespan of more than 10 years, it has extended distance capabilities with 220 voltage range able to manage more than 100m in length from a single electrical power source, and this is without any external components, it is a simple “plug and play” solution which is a further innovation of HALO.

HALO, now the world leader in specialized LED STRIP lighting, are also proud to introduce their latest introduction of cutting-edge innovation. The HALO SALES MODULE which comes equipped with the latest addition to the tried and trusted HALO family since 2010, the HALO HP in 220VAC and 12VDC. Plus, their world’s first portable lighting, the HALO PORTABLE.

The PORTABLE units is their specialised mining LED, boasting all its unique built in features, all on a compact reel. Also available in 220VAC and 12VDC in 2.5m, 5m, and 10m reels. They can easily be underjoined to form long lengths all from one power source.

HALO HP is an extremely versatile product that can be used in any aquatic applications (swimming pools, boating & marine, jetties, aquariums, fishponds) to residential, architectural, commercial, industrial and of course mining. With the inclusion of the 12VDC range and car lighter power adaptors, there are now limitless options for vehicle powered lighting including emergency and outdoors.  

“HALO is simply the premium quality “do it all” Lighting System,” said Vermont Sales, Sales Director Ryan Hunt. Fitting and installing this product is so simple, Halo has made it so easy that anyone can do it,” said Hunt. HALO HP is also the ONLY HALO product that has an outstanding feature which allows the user to select whatever length is required and within minutes that customized length can be made ready and switched on. 

Halo is available at all leading stores countrywide. For more information call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site www.vermontsales.co.za  Trade enquiries welcome