Light duty clamp on, bench unit with swivel, lightweight woodworker’s, a standard woodworker’s vise, heavy-duty workshop bench, multipurpose units, drill press vises, quick-release and the mother of all wood working vises Pony’s rapid-acting woodworker’s vise sets the bar for quality and performance. 

Pony Jorgensen offers a range of specialist vices to meet the needs of uncompromising woodworkers, the industry, the trade and the DIYer.

The Pony light-duty clamp-on vise is ideal for light-duty home and shop, featuring plated-steel double guide bars for smooth operation. It mounts easily and securely on edges up to 5.08 cms thick, and its portable, lightweight design lets you take it anywhere.

Consider the Pony light-duty bench vise with swivel base for your light-duty home and workshop. These vises feature rugged strength you’d usually have to spend more for, with square four-hole swivel bases, sturdy steel jaw faces, ground and polished anvils, permanent pipe jaws, forming horns, and a minimum of 180 degrees of swivel.

The lightweight Pony woodworker’s vise is designed for light-duty home and shop use. An acme-threaded main screw and plated-steel twin guide bars allow for smooth operation, and countersunk holes in the jaws are perfect for wood-facing attachments.

The standard Pony woodworker’s vise is fit for both light- and medium-duty applications, featuring double guide bars, continuous screw action, a solid steel dog, and countersunk jaw holes for wood-facing attachments.

The Pony workshop bench vise provides heavy-duty performance at a light-duty price, featuring a swivel base with a lock-down nut, replaceable hardened-steel serrated jaw faces, a large ground and polished anvil, permanent pipe jaws, and large forming horns.

The Pony multipurpose vise features rugged strength usually found only in more expensive vises. Ductile iron castings and bright-plated steel hardware allow for extreme durability, and its jaws with countersunk holes rotate and swivel a full 360 degrees.

The Pony drill press vise will feel right at home in your workshop. A 100mm / four-inch opening capacity allows you to clamp a wide range of projects for safe drilling, and the slots along each side let you easily mount it to any drill press.

The Pony quick-release vise has been designed to handle the toughest heavy-duty applications. Its 360-degree swivel base and dual locks combine with a patented quick-release mechanism that lets you make fast adjustments without having to screw the handle in and out, giving you the ultimate in benchtop performance.

Pony Jorgensen professional rapid-acting woodworker’s vise. The mother of all woodworking vises, sets the bar for quality and performance. Crafted with the finest materials, including a specially cut acme-threaded main screw, cold-drawn steel twin guide bars, and steel handles. A standard quick-action release allows for fast opening and closing, and a solid-steel dog in the front jaw allows for even oversized workpieces to be held securely. The machined, toed-in jaws provide a solid grip, and countersunk jaw holes allow for optional wood facings. This versatile tool also includes an extra nut that allows for conversion to a continuous-acting vise. 

Also available from Pony are their bench dogs that allows you to hold or secure your work on your benchtop when used with a woodworker’s vise front jaw steel dog. It fits into any 19mm benchtop hole.
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