With government
introducing new restrictions over the weekend (Sunday, 12 July 2020), including
another ban on alcohol sales in order to help contain the spread of
coronavirus, local company The Duchess could not have planned the launch of
their alcohol-free beverage, The Duchess Spritz, any better.

A brand new edition to The Duchess Drinks Studio, The
Duchess Spritz is a welcome addition to its innovative range of premium
alcohol-free beverages. Light and refreshing, the alcohol-free wine spritzer is
crafted with premium de-alcoholised wine and natural botanical extracts.
Available countrywide, The Duchess Spritz is a light and refreshing,
alcohol-free wine spritzer of light
fruit and floral
topped off with an undeniable wine tang.

Says Johannes Le Roux, Founder of The Duchess: “The
Duchess Spritz came about amidst a rapid rise in the demand for alcohol-free
wines, but quite frankly, we couldn’t find a great-tasting alcohol-free wine on
the market. So we decided to create one ourselves, but with a twist.
Experimenting with the natural sweetness of botanical and fruit extracts, we
landed upon the perfect blend to match the wine’s acidity. The result is an
incredibly refreshing wine spritzer.”

In 2016, The Duchess introduced the world’s first
alcohol-free gin and tonic and have since grown in leaps and bounds. They have
launched three very popular variants, received backing from the world’s biggest
beer company, AB Inbev, and has successfully launched in four international
markets. Now, the Cape Town-based drinks studio is excited and ready to welcome
Duchess Spritz to its growing stable of premium adult drinks.

As consumers are drinking less alcohol and
becoming more conscious of its negative effects, they are actively seeking
alternatives to alcohol that do not compromise on taste or experience. The
Duchess alcohol-free wine spritzers offer consumers the choice of skipping the
negative effects without losing out on the social element. It is an adult drink
for sophisticated pallets, no alcohol needed.

“Duchess Spritz is La Dolce Vita
in a bottle. From the taste, to the design, to the tone of voice, we
want consumers to be transported to carefree moments of joy and vitality. In
2020, we can all do with a bit more of this and the time to offer something
new, exciting and unique is perfect,” adds Creative Director and Co-Founder,
Inus Smuts.

As part of the official launch, the brand has adopted
a youthful quirkiness for Spritz’s tone of voice and visuals, which will lead
marketing execution from social media content to brand collaborations.

Global Marketing Manager, Talita Calitz explains:
“We’ve always viewed The Duchess Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic as the embodiment
of an elegant, sophisticated and classy female persona, but now it’s time for
The Duchess to let her hair down.”

With their 2020 tagline, Refresh Your Mind, now
more relevant than ever, The Duchess is encouraging consumers to take a
fresh outlook on the way we drink, the way we think, and the way in which we
consume. To be a happier and healthier version of ourselves as we deal with the
changes and challenges in the world around us.

The Duchess Spritz will be available in two variants –
Spritz Berry Rosé and Spritz Elderflower White.

Light and bursting with berries, Spritz
Berry Rosé
has a refreshing acidity that is beautifully balanced by the
sweetness of the Acai Berry. Their Spritz Elderflower White,
made with a premium Chardonnay, is crisp and sparkling with fragrant notes of
elderflower to match its refreshing acidity. 

The Duchess Spritz will be
available from Yuppiechef and SPAR stores from August 2020.

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