The Festool Dust Extractors keep the work place safe and healthy for all workers, offering numerous versions of extraction systems providing the appropriate model in the correct dust class for every user.

A dust-free environment is also indispensable for health protection and occupational safety. There is a demand for mobile extractors which can be used for various dust classes, achieve outstanding performance and are easy to transport. Festool is the only power tool manufacturer to develop and produce its own extractors. The professional mobile dust extractors are an indispensable part of the intelligent system.

Whether cutting, sanding, sawing or routing: Dust is produced as part of day-to-day operations in workshops, on construction sites and at other mobile operating sites. However, a dust-free working environment is indispensable in order to ensure that your work produces good results. If dust settles on the workpieces, this is guaranteed to impair quality. It has also been proven that tools from which dust is actively extracted have a significantly longer service life. When working without dust extraction, tradespeople breathe in the substances, some of which are hazardous. This poses a health risk. 

“Clean air and good working results go hand in hand. This is why we offer numerous versions of extraction systems which provide the appropriate model in the correct dust class for every user. All Festool extractors have proved in independent tests that they comply with the legal requirements and are manufactured according to the ‘Made in Germany’ standards,” explains Festool Product Manager Andreas Buck. In addition, the extractors are suitable for use with Festool’s fully compatible system – whether for applications with power tools, air tools or cleaning accessories. 

The Festool mobile dust extractors also feature an integrated hose holder which securely stores the hose during transport. With the CTL SYS new development, Festool is offering an extraction system in Systainer format for mobile use during assembly and service work. Companies can use the online application consultant at to select the perfect variant for their dust class, and the  website also provides information and videos on dust-free work. 

Festool offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobile dust extractors – with the different dust classes M, L and H – with or without automatic main filter cleaning AUTOCLEAN (AC) – with different container volumes from 5 to 48 litres. All vacuums have generous container geometry for maximum volume and a high degree of flexibility. They are also equipped with swivelling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility. Thanks to the locking brake, it guarantees stability on any surface as well as during transport. Meanwhile, the flat filter, which is fully integrated in the suction head, ensures that the full volume is utilised.

 This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The compact high-performance turbine provides the appropriate suction power. For special applications such as grinding, where a lot of dust is generated – such as when working with the Planex LHS 225 long-reach sander – Festool offers the CTM 36 E AC-Planex mobile dust extractor. It includes a kink-resistant suction hose and a special holder for practically storing the long-reach sander. 

For stationary work in a workshop, we recommend using our largest CTM 48 E AC mobile dust extractor: With its generous container capacity of up to 48 litres, it provides ample space for large amounts of dust and thus enables you to work for longer intervals without having to empty out the dust. Everything you need to know about vacuums at