The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted sustainability topics such as racial and economic inequality, health, wellbeing and climate change into sharp focus for African consumers.

According to Kantar’s Global Monitor, almost 90% of consumers in Africa think it’s important to buy products from brands that support causes they care about and, now more than ever, consumers want brands to demonstrate action on these topics.

To help brands align their business strategy and brand purpose with issues consumers care about, Kantar is excited to announce the launch of the Sustainable Transformation Practice in Africa. Our data shows that the sustainability agenda is closely linked to brand value growth, making it a huge commercial opportunity. Sustainability goes beyond corporate social responsibility, it also makes good business sense.

But consumers in Africa have very different concerns and expectations, as well as different views on what sustainability means and what brands should do. One thing is clear: African consumers expect leadership from brands and actions matter more than words in 2021.

Our Sustainable Transformation Practice is built to support brands along all stages of the sustainability journey. From finding the perfect alignment for your brand purpose, to excelling at sustainable innovation, and measuring the impact on corporate reputation, brand equity and sales.

Join Kantar’s sustainability experts on Thursday 8 April from 11 am – 12 pm GMT at our free digital event, where we will share inspiration and practical advice on sustainable transformation as a key priority for brands in Africa.

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