There are many varieties of garden shrub and each variety
has different location and care requirements. But there is one thing they all
demand — regular pruning. This not only ensures shrub vitality, but also
guarantees a pleasant appearance and a consistently impressive fruit yield.

The redesigned GARDENA Pruning Loppers range features EasyCut, EnergyCut and
TeleCut models and boasts excellent cutting power, perfect ergonomics and a
significantly lighter weight than previous models. The drop-shaped aluminium
lever arms ensure a lasting cut and especially comfortable handling.

The arms
decrease the weight of the Pruning Loppers considerably and fit securely and
comfortably in your hand thanks to the ergonomically-shaped handles with soft
plastic components. The end buffers made of special plastic that each cut is
gentle on the wrists. Precision-ground blades with a “made in Germany”
non-stick coating ensure a precise cut that is gentle on plants.

The new GARDENA EasyCut Pruning Loppers allow solid cutting
of fresh wood and older, dry branches.

The EnergyCut Pruning Loppers were developed for demanding
tasks — the integrated transmission offers especially high cutting force. The
gear ratio guarantees huge reductions in effort, even when cutting stronger

The GARDENA TeleCut Pruning Loppers feature telescopic lever
arms which reach further and provide greater leverage.

If you require significantly further reach for higher branches and shrubs, the GARDENA
StarCut Pruner is the ideal solution. The StarCut can reach up to 4.10 metres
and has a 12 gear steel system providing more cutting force. The long handle is
equipped with an internal pulley transmission mechanism. The cutting head has
an adjustable hook that allows you to remove cut-off branches with ease.

Due to the superior quality of the cutting tools, GARDENA
offers a 25-year warranty on the entire cutting range.