As a registered health professional enjoying the daily news and information benefits derived from this unique medium, you no doubt come across items which anger you, please you, intrigue you, simply interest you or just downright annoy you and you want to respond immediately..!

Now’s your chance!

You can now submit a “one liner” or single paragraph (no longer!) expressing your feelings on what you have just read – or, for that matter, on any particular concern/observation/ challenge that happens to be “on your mind right now” as a practising professional.

In other words, have your say…!

Hopefully some interesting “on line” debates will develop for the ultimate benefit of all concerned.

Your contribution will be uploaded on Med Brief Africa as soon as possible after receipt under our new section, From the field, and will be credited to, for example, Dr AB Seedy, Houghton. You can remain anonymous on the posting but we will require your details while honouring your request for anonymity.

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Let’s hear from you…