The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is proud to announce that it has awarded the 2020 Vinyl-Dot to twenty-one of its members, following their successful completion of the industry association’s Product Stewardship Commitment Benchmarking Survey (PSC).

The Vinyl-Dot was formally launched in the South African market at the beginning of last year and is awarded to member companies (including material suppliers, converters and importers of vinyl products that are sold on the local market), free of charge to display on their products and marketing material. However, it has to be renewed annually and is only issued once the SAVA Executive has confirmed that the member adheres to SAVA’s Product Stewardship Commitment. 

According to Adri Spangenberg, SAVA Chief Executive Officer, this is a product label that offers customers, specifiers and markets the assurance that the PVC product carrying this quality mark is lead-free, only uses additives that have been approved for high human contact applications and is supports a circular economy. 

“Our key objective with introducing the Vinyl-Dot label was to promote our member companies and their products for their superior performance and their contribution to sustainability.  Gaining the right to display this label therefore sets businesses apart from their competitors and makes it easy for buyers and specifiers to identify their PVC products,” Adri explains. “Moreover, it helps to clearly identify those suppliers who are members of SAVA and therefore subscribe to the Association’s Industry Waste Management Plan (IndWMP) and is committed to demonstrating Extended Producer Responsibility”.

The companies who were awarded the 2020 Vinyl-Dot are: Alpha Plast, Associated Additives, Brenntag, Cibapac, Chem Systems, Chembridge Additives, Continental Compounders, Easypak, Elco Plastics, Emeraude International, Innovative PVC Compounds, Isegen, Marley Pipe Systems, Mpact, NCP Chlorchem, Plasticomp, Polyflor, Sasol, SAPPMA, Strand Group Developments and Sun Ace SA.

According to Adri, the results of this year’s PSC Survey were very encouraging and proved that SAVA was making important inroads in the industry. “We were very glad to see that all of our members have phased out the use, supply or importing of potentially harmful additives such as cadmium stabilisers, pigments containing Hexavalent Chromium, Bisphenol-A anti-oxidants or short chain Chlorinated Paraffin,” she says.

SAVA has also been making concerted efforts this past year to engage with retailers, brand owners and pressure groups to educate them about the value of seeing the Vinyl-Dot on products such as clingfilm, shoes and accessories, flooring etc. Adri says that the feedback has been very positive and that these decision makers welcomed the pro-active steps taken aimed at cleaning up the industry and introducing a transparency and accountability where long-term sustainability is concerned.

“Vinyl is an incredibly versatile product and is used in a wide variety of different industries and products. The Vinyl-Dot is seen as a game changer for PVC products and confirms our commitment to strengthen the positive social, economic and environmental impact of PVC. We encourage the public to buy PVC wisely. Buy Vinyl.” Adri concludes. 

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