It’s no surprise then that Green tea is growing faster than any other type of tea in South Africa, with volume growth of 19% and value growth of 38% (retail data, 2016 vs. 2015).

Green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves that are processed soon after harvesting, allowing them to retain many of their natural health benefits. As a result, Green tea is rich with natural antioxidants and other nutrients.

In line with this growing trend, Tetley has launched Tetley Pure Green Tea onto the South African market. Tetley is a brand with a rich history, dating back to 1837 in Britain. Today it is the second biggest tea brand in the world and is enjoyed in over 40 countries around the world. Since its launch onto the South African market, Tetley has gained a loyal following, with a 10% bigger tea bag that delivers a rich full-bodied flavour. The natural next step for Tetley, having gained favour in Black tea, was to offer South Africans a Pure Green Tea with the trademark full-bodied Tetley flavour and quality. 

Tetley Pure Green Tea is available in packs of 20s and 102s, at a price point that makes it accessible to the average South African shopper. This new launch will no doubt add further momentum to the Green tea movement. Look out for it in the fresh green box. 

Source: Fastmoving