According to the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group’s May 2022 household affordability index, the price of cooking oil in South Africa has risen over 50% in the past year. 

Among other consumer goods, this price jump has made consumers rethink how they can save towards their groceries. One of the ways in which people can save towards household expenditure is through rewards programmes from various institutions. 

Assupol launched its rewards programme in 2019, enabling people to save up to R1 250 per month (or R15 000 per year) in monthly essentials. The data provided by Assupol shows that cooking oil was the highest product of choice whereby consumers were saving money. 

The rewards programme includes instantDiscounts™ coupons every month that are redeemable at Shoprite and Checkers, and instantGroceries® vouchers redeemable at Shoprite, Checkers and Pick n Pay. 

The programme is free to both Assupol clients and non-clients above the age of 18. Since its inception, Assupol Rewards has enrolled 200 000 members, 10% of whom are not Assupol clients and signing up for the rewards programme was their first interaction with the insurer. 

Jurie Nel, Senior Executive Manager, Product Development at Assupol, says that considering the current economic climate, now is the best time for people to take advantage of this programme. “South Africa, like many other countries across the globe, is experiencing steep rises in inflation. 

Essential products and services are becoming more difficult for consumers to afford. Looking at the consecutive fuel price increases and the ongoing political tensions in Europe, only means that consumers will get hit in the pocket even more,” Nel adds. 

The rewards programme offers cash discounts on various products purchased by most households. The instantDiscounts™ Mall provides discounts and offers in many categories including leisure, health, gifts and fashion. It also offers cash referral rewards for members who refer Assupol products to friends and family, whose application for these products is successful. 

Almost R200 000 has been paid out since the launch of this programme – and this does not include the thousands of rands in discounts that members enjoyed. Nel also added that almost 3 000 clients earned rewards for updating their contact details, and 10 000 unique member-specific referral links were sent out by members who referred qualifying Assupol products to others. 

“We encourage consumers to take advantage of the benefits that are included in their insurance policies and the rewards that are available to them, free of charge”, concludes Nel. 

The top 10 most popular coupons used by members: 

• R10 off Sunfoil Triple Refined Sunflower Oil 2L 

• R20 off Parmalat 850g (Cheddar or Gouda) 

• R10 off Black Cat Peanut Butter 800g (Smooth/Crunchy) 

• R10 off McCain Garden Mix 1kg 

• R10 off Dairymaid Country Fresh Ice Cream 2L (All Variants) 

• R10 off McCain Crispy Oven Chips Crinkle Cut 750g 

• R20 off Allsome Parboiled Rice 10kg 

• R5 off MAQ Dishwashing Liquid 750ml 

• R3 off KOO Baked Beans 410g (All Variants) 

• R10 off McCain French Stir Fry 1kg 

For more information, consumers can visit or call 0861 235 664.