South Africa ranks 2nd out of 15 countries for face mask adoption, according to new research from financial comparison website

The global study included a poll of 1507 South African adults, revealing 90% – the equivalent of 34,803,508 people – own a specified face mask. 

Cloth face masks are the most popular mask type in South Africa, with 53% of the adult population possessing one, followed by blue surgical masks (21%). 

However, while around one in five South Africans report owning a blue surgical mask, this is below ownership rates in nearly all other countries included in the study, with penetration rates in most countries between 30-51%.

South Africa also ranked toward the bottom of the list for medical grade masks (13/15), with just one in 10 South Africans reporting they currently own a medical grade mask like an N95.

The report also reveals women are more likely than men to own a face mask – 93% compared to 87% – and that those aged 55-64 years old are leading the pack for face mask adoption (94%).