South Africans can now buy vegan-friendly canned wines – without added sulphur – for R39.90 per 250ml can. 

The Uncanny range of Merlot and Chenin Blanc wines are sourced from grapes in the Swartland and Stellenbosch, and certified by the Wine and Spirit Board of South Africa to ensure their quality. 

They are available immediately through Uncanny’s website, or intermittently through Takealot and Cape Town branches of Norman Goodfellows outlets, as supply allows.

There is a misconception that canned wine will have a tinny taste, cofounder Arnold Vlok told Business Insider South Africa.
“[But] as is the case with other canned drinks such as beer and cooldrinks, the wine’s flavour remains pure,” Volk said. 
Cans allows for no light or air to penetrate, which makes it an extremely stable container for wine, he said.
“An added advantage is the ability to chill wine very quickly. It gets very cold very quickly.” 
South African lifestyles perfectly suit canned wines, which can be thrown into a picnic basket without the worry of glass that can break, Volk said. 
In the United States (US) alone, canned wines are already an $80 million (roughly R1.2 billion) industry – with sales growing by 69% between June 2018 to June 2019.
Uncanny Wines was cofounded by Volk and his partner Ruan Viljoen in Stellenbosch in 2018, with the aim of creating South Africa’s first certified and premium quality canned wine.
It is produced and packaged in the Boland in the Western Cape. 
“The lightweight of the cans significantly increases the volume to weight ratio when transporting, which goes a long way toward reducing the carbon footprint of the product,” Volk said.