The Sea Harvest Foundation in conversation with its employees and local
community began the task of addressing the issue of ECD and how it was being
affected by overcrowding within schools in 2015. The outcome was a decision by
the Sea Harvest Foundation to fund the building of additional classrooms, which
resulted in a separate school on the premises of Diazville Primary.

“We are especially excited about the positive impact the school will have on
the community as a result of the increased individual attention that the
learners will be able to enjoy so that they can, ultimately, achieve their full
potential and become valuable members of society,”
 said Terence Brown,
Operations Director at Sea Harvest. 

The building project also gave Sea Harvest the opportunity to develop a local
black-owned building contractor, West Coast Project Management, and
Investments, headed by Glenville Marinus. The school was designed to cater for
its young learners with architect Heini van Niekerk adding safety features and
an overall finish designed to minimise injury and encourage play. 

In attendance was the Executive Mayor of the Saldanha Bay municipality Marius
Koen, who re-affirmed the local council’s commitment to improving access to
education and ensuring that there is investment in youth as the future leaders
of their community.

“Our relationship with the community is based on the belief that, ‘Sea
Harvest is Saldanha and Saldanha is Sea Harvest’. Efforts like these ensure
that we commit to our goal of building an inclusive and prosperous community,
and the school is only the start of a wonderful journey,”
Felix Ratheb, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Harvest. 


Source: Fastmoving