Born and bred in Soweto, the internationally acclaimed I See A Different You
duo, featuring Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha, shot to fame through their
photographic blog launched in 2011. Their movement was born from a pure love in
the very place they are from. The friends wanted to show a different Soweto –
their Soweto – to the world, simultaneously retelling and reframing the
township story in an optimistic and creative light to alter negative, contrived
and outdated perceptions. 

The success of their blog made way for a broader focus beyond Soweto and their
own personal stories, to showcase the South African experience and its striking
diversity in their signature style. 

“The I See A Different You philosophy beautifully mirrors the Scottish
Leader ethos of viewing things from a new perspective to discover richer
possibilities. It, therefore, made sense for us to team up and intensify the
expression of a shared narrative, while at the same time promoting the three
seductively sweet, smooth, rich and smoky Scottish Leader variants that sell in
South Africa, including Original, Signature and 12-year-old,”
Meryll Stocks Roos, marketing spokesperson for Scottish Leader in South

I See A Different You’s Mukheli agrees. “In essence, both brands stand
for positive change. Only when you look at the world differently can you bring
about positive and meaningful change. Together with Scottish Leader, we are
working on encouraging South Africans to believe in their potential and power
to transform their lives and in so doing, make a difference that transcends
them as individuals.”

Scottish Leader and I See A Different You collaboration, conceived and produced
in association with FCB Cape Town, will be rolled out in various phases,
starting in early February with an out-of-home billboard campaign. 

“I See A Different You is not only adding their authentic voice to our
campaign, but also participating in creating visual assets and networking
opportunities for the Scottish Leader brand, that reflect our shared
Afro-positive narrative,”
 says Paul Carstens, FCB Cape Town’ creative

“The choice of locations for the campaign visuals had to be distinctive, as
well as capture the reality, vibrancy and essence of township lifestyle, as can
be seen in the scenes reflecting a typical game of pool, a Spaza shop, the
distinctive roofs of Kliptown in Soweto, and the Alexandra township, amongst

Carstens also said that Scottish Leader’s three blended whiskies available in
South Africa – Original, Signature and 12-year-old – are visually represented
via their distinct label colour accent; red, teal and blue respectively; with
each photo shoot location echoing one of these. 

Stocks Roos explained that in addition to the outdoor advertising campaign,
South Africans could look forward to a host of related brand activities this
year, including launch parties, an innovative digital photography drive, as
well as regular social networking events. She said that more would be revealed
in due course.


Source: Fastmoving