It is exciting to see the effect that the vaccine is having around the world and this gives us hope that there is the prospect of in person events again. However, we don’t believe that it will be responsible for us to plan SAPICS 2021, the 43rd Annual Conference and Exhibition, as an in person event. We long to be proven wrong but we can’t afford to wait and as a result we have taken the difficult decision to move this event online.

The decision was made MUCH easer following on from the huge and gratifying success of the 2020 virtual conference.

We had feedback that exceeded all expectations and the effect that the event had on our community (new and old) was astounding. Incredible feedback was received and we achieved a truly global reach and massive sharing of knowledge took place. We know it didn’t suit everyone but in the circumstances it worked well and we learnt so much!

So – we have LOTS of new ideas and we are working towards another event that will – we hope – make the very best of a difficult time. 

Refine, Rebuild, Reconnect
Once upon a time, someone in education coined the 3Rs, which stood for reading, writing and arithmetic. The annual SAPICS Conference offers unrivalled learning, skills development and knowledge sharing opportunities, so we decided to build on this theme for the 2021 SAPICS Conference; but the 3Rs that will take centre stage in the supply chain context at SAPICS 2021 are Refine, Rebuild and Reconnect.

Supply Chains around the world have been challenged exponentially. Some need to be completely re-built. Others survived better; but the wise and determined will know that supply chains keep needing to be refined. By reconnecting at SAPICS 2021, supply chain professionals from South Africa and around the world can share knowledge and experience to learn from each other and to ensure that global supply chains are perpetually resilient and able to keep the world turning.

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