The Sally T. brand consists of well over 80 proven and tested products covering Foods, Vitamins, Minerals and Health Care products and much more. Launched and introduced by the legendary Sally Tarlton in 1994, the company has over 40 years of experience and expertise in the wellness industry. The range of products has grown successfully over the years to 5 unique categories Nutraceuticals (vitamins and minerals in capsules or tablets), Nutraceuticals in powder form; Meal Replacements shakes; Meal Replacement foods and the Sprinkles which complement any foodstuff by transforming the protein content to top quality protein.  

Sally Tarlton went on to add her unique services to the industry as a dietitian nutritionist consultant through seminars presentations to corporates on stress management and optimum health and running workshops on wellness using a multifaceted approach. She lectured second and third year students in the Physical Education and Exercise Department at Wits University and personal trainers at Virgin Active, wrote articles for leading magazines and featured as a consultant dietitian on 702 and Metro FM. At the same time, she scientifically creating the Sally T. range of vitamins, minerals and formulated unique meal replacement drinks to compliment her method of treatment with food and lifestyle changes.

Today the huge Sally T. range of unique successful supplements is at a new level supplying a solution to many health needs and problems. Sally points out that, “The Sally T. range of Food and Supplements are scientifically designed to work synergistically with the body’s metabolic processes. When, for whatever reasons, our cells have been deprived of nutrients due to stress or certain genetic predispositions, higher levels of certain nutrients are required for effective physiological functioning. Often their dysfunction presents as feelings of not being well and can include fatigue, insomnia, poor weight control, depression, headaches to name a few. ”In many instances increased dosages of specific nutrients are required to bring our bodies back into equilibrium. These nutrients can be found in the Sally T. range. “The principle of giving cells what is best to revive them and help them function at optimum levels is to treat them. Health and zestful living is then possible.” she said. 

Where do you start? You start by recognising that you need to do something about your health. Go to and do the quick self-evaluation test. If you answer ‘often’ or ‘always’ to any of these questions, then you need assistance from a health professional. Can the Sally T. methodology make a difference? Absolutely! Once you have understood that you need help and you have gone through the first ten days of the Sally T. Tailoring programme, you will feel a shift in your health for the better.

Make an appointment with the Sally T Nutrition & Diet Clinic which is OPEN during Covid 19 pandemic. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10:00 & 14:00 Call the Sally T. team, on 011 803 7299/8302 or e mail ‘Sally Tarlton’ on