Nempilo Health + Beauty is a local South African company that has introduced Miracle CBD Hair Growth Serum, a hair product that is made with a cannabis compound. 

With its 14 organic cold pressed ingredients and phenomenal CBD people will see exceptional hair growth in six months and enjoy a notable change in the overall health of your hair in 30 days.

Nempilo Health + Beauty was founded in September 2018 on the principles of healing skin, scalp and growing hair that is naturally healthy, luxurious and free of the harmful effects that chemical laden products cause. “Nempilo, is an isiZulu word for health, paying homage to my late great grandmother and the hair knowledge passed down by her and all the women in our family,” said Mary Garner, Product Developer for Nempilo Health + Beauty.
The obvious benefits of CBD for hair is that it curbs the production of excess sebum and reduces inflammation. It also has fatty acids and vitamins which benefit the strength and wellness of your hair.
Garner said, “after searching in vain for the kind of natural, organic, chemical free product that’ll help rejuvenate and heal my scalp, I decided to develop my own with an effective formula. I was inspired by my own curly hair and the best way to nourish and care for it. What I realised is, that no matter your hair type, it’s your scalp you need to care for”. 
According to Garner, the serum nurtures the scalp as the ingredients actively penetrates the skin’s surface, leaving no greasy layer on hair or scalp after application. It works on all hair types as it is scalp focused. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair, whichever hair type it may be. Our customers have seen proven results on curly, afro, straight and fine hair.
Nempilo CBD Hair Growth Serum costs R250.